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Custom web development to enhance functionality, features and performance.

About Our Web Development Process

If you've ever been involved in the website development process, you likely know how quickly it can get out of hand (and out of scope). With sometimes complex coding languages, hundreds of potential variables and dependencies, and finite business requirements, having a well defined and comprehensive project management process is critical to ensuring web development projects remain on time and on budget.

This is exactly why we like to keep our web development process as simple and direct as possible, while also maintaining a forward-thinking mindset to avoid costly "rework." From discovery to strategy to build and testing, we make sure web development projects are easy (and dare we say fun) for all.

Web Development Case Study

When an international electronics manufacturer wanted to create a truly unique experience for their reps and distributors, they engaged Firesnap to make it happen.

The end result was the development of one of their industry's first mobile-responsive product finder tools using SQL, PHP and HubSpot - resulting in a huge increase in online engagement.

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Web Development Services

Development, like most web design or marketing initiatives, has one universal limitation: If you don't know it, you can't build it. This is why we have expertise in many of the most applicable programming and scripting languages required to accomplish a vast majority of web applications today.

Here are a few of the languages we specialize in:

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Java & JavaScript
  • C, C++ & C#
  • Ruby
  • HubSpot's HubL Markup Language

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