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Our marketing calculator does more than just find your return on marketing investment (ROMI). It also calculates dozens of other important performance metrics, such as your customer lifetime value (LTV), cost per lead (CPL), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), visitor and customer conversion ratios and so much more! Scroll down to use the marketing ROI calculator.

Marketing ROI Calculator Features

We built this calculator specifically for busy marketing professionals and business leaders who are either tired of dealing with clunky Excel spreasheets or just want quick clarity into the performance of their current marketing efforts. Please note that you do NOT have to use all of the features and fields provided in this calculator (but they'll always be available in case you decide to take your ROI calculations to the next level). Here are a few of our calculator's key features, along with tips on how to use them.

  • Lock Field Data: The nifty little lock icon you see next to each field allows you to "lock in" the number you've entered into that field. Clicking on this icon ensures the field data entered does not change as you add your other metrics, allowing you to start with the end in mind. (i.e. You know your current Leads to Customers ratio and want to work backward in determining how many impressions or visits you need to produce a certain number of customers on a consistent basis.)

  • Share Results (Social & Link): Want to share the kick ass ROI you've produced from your marketing efforts? Who wouldn't?! Once you've finished entering all of your marketing and financial data, you can click on the Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn icons for social sharing -- or copy the adjacent share link URL and paste it anywhere you'd like to direct others back to your epic metric masterpiece!

  • Download PDF Reports: If you want something more formal, printable and awesome, you can also download a free PDF version of your marketing ROI calculator results. Once you're done entering all of your calculations, just click the orange "download results" button located at the bottom of the calculator and enter your basic info to receive a PDF report of your results. Super simple.

What is Marketing ROI?

Marketing ROI is the financial returns a company or person realizes from their marketing investments. This includes any effort in digital or physical marketing, such as content marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, paid advertising, web design, etc.

Marketing ROI is also known as Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

How to Calculate Marketing ROI

Understanding how to calculate marketing ROI is a bit more complex than calculating ROI on it's own. It requires the ability to accurately attribute portions of the returns to marketing as a whole, in addition to more granular ROI reporting for various marketing tactics or channels (i.e. email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, etc.).

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