Sales and Marketing Alignment

Eliminate Friction & Speed Up Sales through Sales and Marketing Alignment.

About Sales and Marketing Alignment

The Internet has transformed the world of commerce into one that’s faster, more agile and info-rich. A world in which buyers have quickly grown acclimated to as it empowers them with instant knowledge and resources.

Unfortunately, most company's sales and marketing strategies have yet to adapt to this new world, still operating in slow, disjointed and unproductive silos. The end result being lost leads, opportunities and revenue. This growing issue is slowly forcing organizations to change the way they market and sell their products/services in order to simply survive.

In short, sales and marketing alignment has officially transitioned from an alternative model of business development, to an absolutely necessary model for growth.

The Complete Guide to Sales & Marketing Unification

We all know aligning sales and marketing efforts is good for business, but how the heck do you get started on such a daunting task? Our free guide to unifying sales and marketing is a great place to start.

Download this guide to break down your own alignment strategy into bite-size, actionable tasks.

Download the Sales & Marketing Unification Guide

Sales and Marketing Alignment Services

Changing the way marketing and sales operate is no easy task, let alone getting them to work as one team. If done incorrectly, this can cause "culture shock," leading to disgruntled employees and even lost talent. As part of our Inbound Sales methodology, our approach to sales and marketing alignment allows companies (and their employees) to smoothly transition into a more efficient mode of operations.

The major components involved in our approach:

  • Unification of Terminology & Definitions
  • CRM Implementation & Integration
  • Lead Scoring Implementation
  • Sales & Marketing SLAs
  • Unified Benchmarks & KPIs
  • Creation of Single "Growth Funnel"

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