Inbound Sales

Optimize your funnel and reduce buyer friction with inbound sales.

About Inbound Sales

Sales has changed. With instant access to detailed information, objective reviews and social networks, the Internet has dramatically changed the way buyers evaluate and purchase products and services. Progressive marketers have also made big changes -- using inbound marketing strategies to position brands as the preferred source of information their buyers are seeking.

Yet with all this change in the world of commerce, sales methodologies remain the same today as they were 65 years ago – creating an uncomfortable experience for buyers (aka lost revenue for sellers). The same traditional sales strategies that once were the driving force of growth have now become a bottleneck where leads and deals become stuck or even lost. Our inbound sales services are the answer to this growing dilemma.


Successful sales professionals learn to adapt to buyer behavior, technology or changes in their market. Not doing so only means fewer deals and lost revenue, which neither sales reps nor their employers enjoy. We created this guide to help sales professionals generate more revenue in less time--download it today to eliminate unnecessary deal-killing friction in your sales process.

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Inbound Sales Services

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Marketing and sales exist for one simple reason - to create revenue. Unfortunately, they often operate within different silos, speak “different languages”, use different technologies and rely on different performance metrics. Research has shown that these silos create unnecessary complexity and gaps in communication, resulting in lost productivity, opportunities and revenue. Using proven strategies and integrated technologies, we help streamline your marketing and sales efforts for leaner, smarter and more agile performance.

Sales Enablement

From constant prospecting to managing leads to meeting quotas, sales professionals have one of the most demanding jobs there is. Firesnap’s founders have backgrounds in sales as well as marketing, so it’s our belief that marketing agencies should do more than just drive awareness, traffic and leads…they should also equip sales professional with tools that help them close more deals and better manage their time.


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