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Pricing info for our FirePath™ marketing programs, web design projects and HubSpot packages.

FirePath™ Inbound Marketing Programs

Traditional, deliverables-based approaches to building and pricing marketing programs (i.e. "x" number of blogs for "x" dollars per month) is becoming increasingly ineffective. Our unique FirePath™ programs utilize our agile, point-based system to ensure our clients keep a competitive edge with more available capabilities.

starting at
81 points/mo.

Firesnap's most aggressive FirePath inbound marketing program, Inferno is ideally suited for companies seeking truly aggressive growth in traffic and leads + our full suite of capabilities.

  • Everything in IGNITE, plus…
  • 10% Discount on Additional Points
  • Weekly Strategy & Consultation
  • Sales Enablement Services
  • Growth Driven Design Services
  • 50+ Available Marketing Activities
starting at
54 points/mo.

Our most popular FirePath program, Ignite is ideally suited for small to mid-size companies seeking faster growth, or enterprise organizations seeking assistance with key inbound efforts.

  • Everything in SPARK, plus…
  • 5% Discount on Additional Points
  • Bi-monthly Strategy & Consultation
  • Social Media Management
  • CRM Integration & Maintenance
  • 40+ Available Marketing Activities
starting at
33 points/mo.

Our base FirePath program, Spark is ideally suited for companies who want to begin building out conversion capabilities and long-term consistency in their traffic and lead generation efforts.

  • HubSpot Management
  • Dedicated Inbound Team
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Monthly Strategy & Consultation
  • Social Monitoring/Posting
  • 30+ Available Marketing Activities
FirePath Add-On Services

Want to add specific services or capabilities to your FirePath marketing program? These sweet little add-ons allow you to customize your FirePath program however you see fit.

* Some of these services may already be "baked into" our Inferno or Ignite programs.

$1,500 / mo.

$2,000 / mo.

$3,000 / mo.

$1,500 / mo.

$2,500 / mo.

$2,250 / mo.

$2,000+ / one time fee

$1,500 / mo.

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Other Plans & Packages

Aside from our monthly inbound programs, we also offer smaller plans and one-time packages designed to fulfill some of the most common, yet critical needs related to HubSpot, website design and strategy development.

Keepin' It Clean

HubSpot Portal Maintenance

$1,750/mo. *renews quarterly

Routine, proactive maintenance of your HubSpot Professional or Enterprise platform. Keepin' It Clean ensures everything within your HubSpot portal is in it's place and abides by best practices so your marketing team can focus on being rockstars...not janitors.

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Keepin' It Clean + Website

HubSpot Portal + Website Maintenance

$2,500/mo. *renews quarterly

Includes everything found within the Keepin’ It Clean plan for HubSpot maintenance, PLUS monthly website health audits, reports and ongoing on-page SEO updates.

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HubSpot Quick Launch

HubSpot Portal Setup

$4,500 *one time fee

Our HubSpot Quick Launch package is ideal for companies who have purchased (or are considering purchasing) a HubSpot Professional or HubSpot Enterprise license and want to utilize it as quickly as possible.

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Web Design Foundation

HubSpot COS Website Design/Re-design

$6,000/mo. *for two months

From conception to optimization to going live, our HubSpot Web Design Foundation package delivers companies a new, custom HubSpot COS website theme, including up to 20 published website pages and multiple email, web page and landing page templates.

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Inbound Foundation

HubSpot Portal Setup + Inbound Marketing Strategy

$6,000/mo. *for two months

A comprehensive and actionable inbound marketing strategy + build out of your HubSpot portal, including a ready-to-implement game plan, fully executed content offer campaign, competitor analysis, website optimization, content mapping and HubSpot CRM setup.

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Website Audit

Website Audit + Recommendations

$6,500 *one time fee

We perform 50+ manual audit tasks, combing through every nook and cranny of your website to identify critical issues related to on-page SEO, technical SEO, backlink profiles and dozens of other performance-related factors. Includes full audit reports + recommendations for fixing found issues.

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