These aren't your typical marketing agency jobs.

Although technology, marketing and metrics are a massive part of our lives at Firesnap, we're still an agency focused on people...awesome people dedicated to maintaining an amazing company culture. While we offer marketing jobs in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX, a majority of our team is 100% remote, located throughout the United States.

What Firesnap does NOT have:

We're not hippies or anything, but we feel like some rules just aren't groovy, man. So here's what you will NOT find working at Firesnap...

  • Dress Codes
  • Bell Curve Performance Reviews
  • Attendance Policies
  • Disciplinary Rules
  • Silly Feedback Mechanisms
  • Overly Complex Hiring Process
  • Forced Ranking (comparing employees to one-another)
What Firesnap DOES have:

We've got a good thing goin' on around here, with some pretty cool perks and mucho respect for each other. So here's what you will find working at Firesnap...

  • Results Only Work Environment
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Organic Organizational Culture
  • Life Balance
  • Medical Benefits
  • Gym Membership Stipend
  • 2 Weeks PTO + Birthdays + Anniversaries + Volunteer Days