Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound marketing services & programs that drive consistent and measurable growth.

Our Inbound Marketing Methodology

As early adopters of the inbound marketing methodology, we've successfully built and executed strategies that have helped our clients (and ourselves) consistently increase growth and retention.

However, we're also big believers in the power of integrating omni-channel - and perhaps less "inboundy" - growth strategies like pay-per-click advertising, direct mail and sales enablement.


Our Inbound Marketing Services

Our inbound marketing services listed below are typically bundled into dedicated marketing programs, though some can be executed as stand-alone services to augment existing marketing activities.

Content Marketing

From blogs to infographics and beyond, we create engaging, educational and valuable content designed to answer the questions your target personas have surrounding your particular business and offerings...ultimately establishing you as the authority within your industry.

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Search Engine Optimization

In-depth knowledge of technical SEO, both on-page and off, is an absolute must for any inbound marketing campaign to be successful. Our team has trained with some of the top SEO experts in the world to ensure our client's websites and content are discovered online...before their competition.

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Social Media Marketing

Using social media to promote content is a core facet of any inbound marketing strategy. By taking your content to where buyers already live and interact, your ability to leverage inbound for thought leadership and lead generation is greatly increased.

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Pay-Per-Click Management

We integrate PPC management for those looking to fast track their traffic & lead generation. With years of PPC experience, we successfully manage ad campaigns like search ads, display ads, remarketing and native advertising on targeted social networks.

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Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools to engage prospects within all stages of the sales funnel. Whether part of an email blast or built into automated workflows, we leverage email marketing to maximize overall inbound marketing program results.

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Website Design

All inbound marketing efforts must begin with an optimized, user friendly website that serves one clear purpose -- producing leads. We can help you achieve your website's true purpose by optimizing for search, UX and conversion rates to boost your bottom line.

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Inbound Sales

There's nothing worse than wasting good leads on bad sales practices. Our Inbound Sales services help companies enable, align and optimize their sales efforts to capitalize on the leads they gain from their inbound marketing and lead generation efforts.

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HubSpot Services

A big part of a successful inbound marketing program are the tools chosen to tie everything together. The most important of which is marketing automation software. As a HubSpot Gold Partner, we're experts in implementing the world's #1 marketing automation platform.

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"The entire Firesnap team is beyond exceptional. They are VERY customer-centric and constantly listening, learning, adapting and improving. In our world, these traits are essential to success and Firesnap thrives in all areas."

Christopher Stevens
Senior E-Marketing Specialist | Logix Federal Credit Union

Inbound Marketing FAQ

While inbound marketing has been around for well over a decade, there are still no shortage of questions surrounding this ever-evolving marketing methodology. Here are answers to some of the more common questions we get asked about "inbound."

What is inbound marketing?

Coined in 1996, "inbound marketing" has become an increasingly popular marketing methodology for generating long term, compounding business growth. Inbound marketing strategies are designed to attract potential buyers online by providing valuable content, rather than more interruptive, brand-centric methods. Over the past few years, rapid changes in technology have expanded the definition of inbound marketing, allowing marketers to incorporate traditional outbound methods like paid ads or sales prospecting in a way that's still attractive to buyers.

What are popular inbound marketing tools?

Of the thousands of tools used within successful inbound marketing programs, the most common are marketing automation platforms (HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, InfusionSoft, etc.), Google Analytics and Content Management Systems (WordPress, HubSpot COS, etc.). These are often the "core" tools upon which many others are stacked, especially CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, NetSuite and others.

How much does inbound marketing cost?

The cost of running an active inbound marketing program depends on whether you choose to do much of the work yourself, hire in-house staff to do it, or hire an inbound marketing agency like us. If you do it yourself, most of the costs you incur will be related to how much time you can invest to creating content and marketing it, in addition to whatever software licensing fees you may have. Hiring in-house employees in the U.S. can range from $30k - 120k per year, depending on the role and expertise required (not including any fully burdened costs), plus software licensing fees. Inbound marketing agencies have a fairly wide range in monthly pricing, depending on scope of work and how aggressive the program is. Newer agencies may start at $2k/mo. while more experienced agencies start north of $5k/mo. Firesnap's inbound marketing programs start at $5k/mo. View our inbound marketing pricing for details on programs and packages.

What's the difference between inbound marketing vs. content marketing?

The short answer is that content marketing is a subset (albeit a large subset) of marketing practices within the more comprehensive methodology of inbound marketing. You can find more detail about the relationship between content marketing and inbound marketing in this article: Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing: What's the Difference?

Inbound marketing questions, quotes or quandaries?

We can help with any of the above.