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Inbound marketing services & programs that drive consistent and measurable growth.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Since its inception by HubSpot's founders in 2006, "inbound marketing" has become an increasingly popular marketing methodology for generating long term, compounding business growth. Inbound marketing strategies are designed to attract potential buyers online by providing valuable content, rather than more interruptive, brand-centric methods.

Over the past few years, rapid changes in technology have expanded the definition of inbound marketing, allowing marketers to incorporate traditional outbound methods like paid ads or sales prospecting in a way that's still attractive to buyers.


Inbound Marketing Services

Our inbound marketing services listed below are typically bundled into dedicated marketing programs, though some can be executed as stand-alone services to augment existing marketing activities.

Content Marketing

From blogs to infographics and beyond, we create engaging, educational and valuable content designed to answer the questions your target personas have surrounding your particular business and offerings...ultimately establishing you as the authority within your industry.

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Search Engine Optimization

In-depth knowledge of technical SEO, both on-page and off, is an absolute must for any inbound marketing campaign to be successful. Our team has trained with some of the top SEO experts in the world to ensure our client's websites and content are discovered online...before their competition.

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Social Media Marketing

Using social media to promote content is a core facet of any inbound marketing strategy. By taking your content to where buyers already live and interact, your ability to leverage inbound for thought leadership and lead generation is greatly increased.

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Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools to engage prospects within all stages of the sales funnel. Whether part of an email blast or built into automated workflows, we leverage email marketing to maximize overall inbound marketing program results.

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PPC Management

We integrate PPC management for those looking to fast track their traffic & lead generation. With years of PPC experience, we successfully manage ad campaigns like search ads, display ads, remarketing and native advertising on targeted social networks.

Website Design

All inbound marketing efforts must begin with an optimized, user friendly website that serves one clear purpose -- producing leads. We can help you achieve your website's true purpose by optimizing for search, UX and conversion rates to boost your bottom line.

HubSpot Services

A big part of a successful inbound marketing program are the tools chosen to tie everything together. The most important of which is marketing automation software. As a HubSpot Gold Partner, we're experts in implementing the world's #1 marketing automation platform.

Direct Mail

For inbound marketing campaigns to be truly omni-channel, offline efforts like direct mail marketing can prove invaluable. This is especially true when direct mail is highly personalized, trackable and built into automated workflows.

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"The entire Firesnap team is beyond exceptional. They are VERY customer-centric and constantly listening, learning, adapting and improving. In our world, these traits are essential to success and Firesnap thrives in all areas."

Christopher Stevens
Senior E-Marketing Specialist | Logix Federal Credit Union

Inbound Pricing & Packages

Traditional, deliverables-based approaches to building and pricing marketing programs (i.e. "x" number of blogs for "x" dollars per month) is becoming increasingly ineffective. Our unique FirePath™ programs utilize our agile, point-based system to ensure our clients keep a competitive edge with more available capabilities. You can learn more about our FirePath programs in the FAQ section below.

FirePath™ Inbound Programs

starts at
81 points/mo.

Firesnap's most aggressive FirePath inbound marketing program, INFERNO is ideally suited for companies seeking truly aggressive growth in traffic and leads + our full suite of capabilities.

INFERNO Features/Capabilities:

  • Everything in IGNITE program
  • 10% Discount on Added Points
  • Weekly Strategy & Consultation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Growth Driven Design
  • Influencer Outreach
  • SEO (Off-Page, Technical, On-Page)
starts at
54 points/mo.

Our most popular FirePath program, IGNITE is ideally suited for small to mid-size companies seeking faster growth, or enterprise organizations seeking assistance with key inbound efforts.

IGNITE Features/Capabilities:

  • Everything in SPARK program
  • 5% Discount on Added Points
  • Bi-monthly Strategy & Consultation
  • Social Media Management
  • PPC Management
  • Direct Mail Automation Integration
  • CRM Integration
starts at
33 points/mo.

Our base FirePath program, SPARK is ideally suited for companies just getting started with inbound marketing and want to begin generating long term traffic and lead generation growth.

SPARK Features/Capabilities:

  • Dedicated Inbound Marketing Team
  • Monthly Strategy & Consultation
  • Website Monitoring & Management (HubSpot or WordPress)
  • Marketing Platform Management (HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.)
  • Contact List Management
  • Blogging (all formats & styles)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Monitoring & Posting
  • SEO (On-Page)
  • Monthly Marketing Performance Report
  • Monthly Project Report

Other Inbound Plans & Packages

Inbound Foundation Package

$6,000/mo. (for 2 months)

Our Inbound Foundation package is ideal for companies seeking a comprehensive, highly-targeted and actionable inbound marketing game plan + initial setup of their marketing platform (HubSpot, InfusionSoft, MailChimp) based upon that game plan.

What's Included:

  • Business Discovery & Consultation
  • Inbound Marketing Game Plan Development
  • Marketing Platform Setup (1 platform)
  • Buyer Persona Development (up to 3)
  • Competitor Analysis (top 3)
  • Website Health & SEO Audit (1 domain)
  • Keyword Research (up to 50 keywords)
  • SEO Strategy
  • Social Media Setup (up to 3 social platforms)
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Offer Campaign Setup (white paper, ebook, guide, infographic, etc.)
  • Final Project Reports & Documentation

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Inbound Consulting Plan

starts at $800/mo. (renews quarterly)

Our Inbound Consultation Plan is designed for business owners or marketing leaders seeking personalized, strategic guidance to ensure their marketing efforts are effective and in-line with growth goals. Guidance can include marketing strategy, software recommendations, sales/marketing alignment, etc.

What's Included:

  • Access to a Firesnap Inbound Marketing Advisor (up to 4 hours/mo.)
  • Quarterly Inbound Performance Report
  • Quarterly Website & SEO Audit

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Inbound Marketing FAQ

While inbound marketing has been around for well over a decade, there are still no shortage of questions surrounding this ever-evolving marketing methodology. Below you'll find answers and resources to help you better understand inbound marketing, as well as Firesnap's inbound marketing services and programs.

What is FirePath?

"FirePath" is Firesnap's proprietary point-based framework used in every digital/inbound marketing program we offer - designed to ensure our clients maintain the utmost agility and squeeze every ounce of performance from their marketing budgets. At its core, FirePath is based on the popular Scrum Agile Framework often used by large product and software development teams to manage projects that require both complexity and creativity. We made significant modifications to this framework over the years, largely designed to reduce unneeded complexity and require less time from our clients.

Firesnap's proprietary FirePath framework provides 7 distinct advantages over the more common deliverables-based or hourly models utilized by digital marketing and design agencies.

  1. More empirical & agile compared to deliverables-based approaches.
  2. Controls risk by more frequently reviewing data & results to refine direction.
  3. Optimizes productivity as subsequent iterations focus on successful strategies & minimize deviations.
  4. Increased focus on KPIs relevant to current client business goals.
  5. Produces results more quickly without sacrificing strategy before tactics.
  6. Allows for more creativity within solution/strategy development.
  7. Client time is used more wisely due to reduced need for frequent check-ins

What are SnapShots?

SnapShots are our approach to inbound program, campaign and project execution. SnapShots are similar to what many project managers call “sprints,” or fixed time periods by which new or improved iterations of a product or project are planned and executed. In our FirePath programs, a SnapShot is a one month increment in which Firesnap creates, executes, analyzes and/or refines your inbound campaigns based upon historical or campaign performance data, weighed against the stated KPIs and available resources.

Inbound Marketing Tools

Of the thousands of tools used within successful inbound marketing programs, the most common are marketing automation platforms (HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, InfusionSoft, etc.), Google Analytics and Content Management Systems (WordPress, HubSpot COS, etc.). These are often the "core" tools upon which many others are stacked, especially CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, NetSuite and others.

Inbound Marketing Pricing

The cost of inbound marketing depends on whether you choose to do much of the work yourself, hire in-house staff to do it, or hire an inbound marketing agency like us.

If you do it yourself, most of the costs you incur will be related to how much time you can invest to creating content and marketing it, in addition to whatever software licensing fees you may have.

Hiring in-house employees in the U.S. can range from $30k - 120k per year, depending on the role and expertise required (not including any fully burdened costs), plus software licensing fees. Inbound marketing agencies have a fairly wide range in monthly pricing, depending on scope of work and how aggressive the program is. Newer agencies may start at $2k/mo. while more experienced agencies start north of $5k/mo.

Inbound Marketing & SEO

There has always been confusion as to how inbound marketing compares to search engine optimization (SEO). Are they just different names for the same strategies? Or are they totally different from one another?

In practice, much like content marketing, SEO is a subset of activities and strategies within the inbound marketing methodology. More specifically, SEO plays the heaviest role within the Attract & Convert stages because of its ability to increase a company's online visibility and top of funnel lead volume.

Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Put simply, content marketing is a subset (albeit a large subset) of marketing practices within the more comprehensive methodology of inbound marketing.

Differentiating content marketing vs inbound marketing is challenging because the term "content" is frequently used in broad and occasionally ambiguous contexts. This is exacerbated by the fact that content is utilized within seemingly every asset within an inbound marketing program. However, content marketing is not always used in an "inbound" way or created with intentions to educate or nurture potential buyers (i.e. intrusive ads).

Inbound Marketing vs. Growth Hacking

Much like inbound marketing, "growth hacking" has established itself as a well-known buzzword among digital marketers. There has also been a lot of confusion as to what it actually means, which strategies the growth hacking methodology utilizes, and how it compares to inbound marketing.

The difference between inbound marketing vs growth hacking is that growth hacking typically focuses on short-term lead or user acquisition strategies with less focus on sustainable, organic growth (as is common with inbound marketing). Both are viable approaches to business growth, but choosing the right one depends on the company's business model, available resources and long-term objectives.

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