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Helping companies implement, integrate and manage HubSpot software.

Why Use HubSpot Services?

With it's user-friendly interface, powerful automation capabilities and expanding integrations, HubSpot has become one of the top all-in-one marketing, sales and CMS platforms in the world for a reason.

But implementing, integrating and managing HubSpot successfully still takes hard work and experience.

As a Certified HubSpot Gold Partner Agency, that's where we come in...

In setting up HubSpot and redesigning our website on HubSpot's CMS, the entire Firesnap team has been absolutely wonderful from start to finish. They were able to guide us to the finish line with excellent advice at every step. If I had known how easy it would be, we would've hired them long ago!


Robin Shively
Marketing Director

HubSpot Services

As a HubSpot Gold Partner, every member of the Firesnap team holds multiple HubSpot certifications (in addition to many other marketing, sales & software certifications).

HubSpot Implementation

Whether you're just getting started with marketing automation software or transitioning from another solution, we can help. We'll make sure your contacts are properly imported or migrated and that your HubSpot portal is customized to suit your business needs.


HubSpot Management

For most of our clients, we manage the entire inbound marketing process using HubSpot software as the base of operations. From content marketing to website updates to performance metrics, we act as a "full-service" inbound agency. Managing the software itself, including troubleshooting, is a standard part of our programs.


HubSpot CRM Integration

Interested in integrating your current CRM with HubSpot? We can help you with your CRM needs, ensuring all contacts, objects and fields are properly mapped and accounted for. Likewise, we can also help you implement and customize HubSpot's new native CRM as well.


HubSpot Training

Looking for experts to help you and your team utilize HubSpot's marketing and CRM tools? Firesnap offers both online and on-site HubSpot training for companies that want to maximize the results they see from their digital marketing efforts using HubSpot software.

HubSpot Services FAQ

Answers to common questions we get asked about HubSpot and our HubSpot services.
What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an "all-in-one" platform designed to help companies manage their digital marketing, sales and website. Founded in 2005, HubSpot began as a marketing automation platform that included social media marketing, content marketing, marketing analytics, landing pages and SEO tools. As it's founders (Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah) promoted the "inbound marketing" methodology along with the HubSpot platform, they quickly grew to become the #1 marketing automation platform in the world. HubSpot went public in 2014 (NYSE: HUBS) and later expanded its software capabilities by adding a native CRM, sales enablement tools, website hosting and CMS.


How much does HubSpot cost?

The cost of HubSpot is largely dependent on which marketing plan you select (free, basic, professional or enterprise), how many contacts you're managing (measured in tiers of 1,000) and which add-on tools your using. HubSpot now offers free versions of all of it's tools, with expanded features as you opt into higher paid tiers. HubSpot's CRM and its associated features are always free. For up-to-date HubSpot pricing and features, we recommend viewing HubSpot's pricing page here.


Why work with Firesnap instead of directly with HubSpot?

While HubSpot offers onboarding and consultative services for new customers, there are 4 reasons why companies choose to hire Firesnap instead...

  1. Waived Onboarding Fees
    Many Certified HubSpot Partner Agencies, including Firesnap, are able to waive the fees HubSpot charges for new customer onboarding (typically around $3,000)...sweet! But why is that? HubSpot has a very robust Channel Partner Program with extensive certification requirements for partner agencies like us. So when companies hire us for HubSpot onboarding and management services, HubSpot waives their onboarding fees, trusting Firesnap to set their new customer up for success.

  2. Deeper Industry Expertise
    Firesnap is unique from HubSpot (as well as most other agencies) in the amount of experience we have implementing and managing HubSpot for highly technical, B2B industries. This includes IT Services, Telecommunications, Software, Manufacturing and other B2B organizations that have technical content and longer, more complex sales cycles.

  3. More Tactical Engagement
    A big difference between HubSpot's professional services and Firesnap's services is the level of engagement and scope of work. HubSpot's services are more guidance-based, helping customers onboard and manage the platform themselves using consultative meetings and instructional assets. Firesnap offers these as well, but differs in that we also handle the tactical execution of all platform tasks. In short, we help with the guidance and do all the work.

  4. Better/Faster Platform Utilization
    Firesnap's extensive Hubspot and client industry experience, combined with our proprietary project management processes, allow us to help companies implement HubSpot more quickly and utilize it more effectively - ultimately improving the ROI our clients see from their HubSpot platform.

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