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Drive ROI and nurture relationships with email marketing services.

About Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most cost effective forms of marketing for all stages of the sales cycle. But it's about more than just marketing yourself to prospects - it's a tool for building lasting relationships.

Successful email marketing should benefit your business and your buyers at the same time. Buyers receive timely and useful information that makes their lives easier and you get the opportunity to move them further down your sales funnel into a customer -- all while building trust and a lasting, profitable relationship.

As a HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing Agency, email marketing services are a critical facet within all of our inbound marketing programs.

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Email marketing can be a massive player driving and nurturing leads, but it's still just one small facet of the business growth engine.

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Email Marketing Services

From automation to personalization, we cover all the aspects of effective email marketing.

Email Design

We design emails much like we design websites: simple, beautiful and built to convert. And, as a Certified HubSpot Gold Partner Agency, we adhere to HubSpot's best practices to ensure maximum deliverability, open and click-through rates. Most of all, we deliver relevant and valuable information, opening the lines of communication between your business and your prospects.

Email Marketing Metrics

We use in-depth analytics to frequently monitor and improve email performance. As with any of your inbound marketing services, email marketing also requires regular monitoring and improvement. We do this through lots of A/B testing of images, content, timing, subject lines and just about anything else under the sun. Why? Because testing is the only way to know if something is working or not. Nothing is guess-work around these parts...nothing.

Email Marketing Automation

While "batch and blast" emails still have their place within some campaigns, the true value of email marketing lies in automation. By automating personalized emails based on time, relevance, persona and lifecycle stage, we're able to help our clients nurture more qualified leads and boost client lifetime value.

Email Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of moving parts to great email marketing. From list segmentation to personalization to automation--determining the best route to success requires best practice, industry and software expertise. Each of our clients has full access to an Inbound Marketing Advisor that can help implement savvy and effective email strategies.

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