Firefighters Association Adopts Digital Marketing Strategy & Gains 200% ROI

San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association | IAFF Local 624

% Increase in First Month's Traffic
% Increase in Month-Over-Month Traffic
% Average ROI Year-Over-Year
Members & Local Citizens Engaged Online

"Our results with Firesnap have been phenomenal. In our first year, they delivered over 200% ROI and exponential gains in online engagement from our local community and membership. Firesnap even helped us automate many of our internal HR and grievance procedures to save us time and reduce risk."

Chris Steele
President | San Antonio Professional Firefighter's Association, IAFF Local 624
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SAPFFA's Challenges

The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association (IAFF Local 624), was finding themselves so busy protecting the public, that they neglected their online presence almost entirely. Their website was not only outdated in regards to content, but design and functionality as well. Without a system and strategy for digital communications, they were lacking much needed engagement from their membership and community.

More specifically, the primary challenges were:

  • Outdated Website with Limited Functionality
  • Lack of Agility in Responding to Public Sentiment
  • Limited Agility in Mobilizing Members & Community
  • Financial & Personnel Resource Constraints for Online Communications
  • Limited Ability to Directly Engage & Educate Local Citizens


Firesnap's Process

After consulting with the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association and comparing multiple marketing software products, it was decided that HubSpot was the best choice for their financial and operational needs. In order to get them where they wanted to be, Firesnap implemented the following strategies and services:

Engaged in a Full Website Redesign
  • Redesigned a new website on the Hubsot COS
  • Optimized on-page SEO
  • Integrated social media profiles (Twitter & Facebook)
  • Built "dynamic" content to provide a unique website experience for both members and non-members simultaneously

Enhanced Response, Mobilization & Education Capabilities Among Members & Public
  • Created a new, public facing blog
  • Developed contact capture and nurture worlkflows
  • Implemented social media "listening" tools
  • Developed relevant contact personas
  • Created highly targeted internal and external contact lists
  • Provided ongoing digital strategies to increase public and member engagement

Maximized Communications Resources
  • Implemented HubSpot marketing automation software
  • Provided Hubspot training to internal staff
  • Automated various emails and notifications to public & members
  • Automated communications for live events and public engagements

Automated Internal Procedures
  • Created custom automation workflows for internal procedures such as grievances, new member onboarding, etc.
  • Created automatic list segmentation to instantly organize and speed up communications to all contacts by various criteria, such as committee members, district stewards, citizen demographic and geographic data and more.

Empowered Leadership with Communications Data
  • Facilitated administrative access to union leadership team for granular insight into member engagement, public engagement, website performance, campaign performance, etc.

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