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Pulse Electronics Power BU

Keywords Ranked in Top 3 Search Results
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% Boost in Organic Traffic 1st Year After Redesign
% Increase in Organic Contacts Year-Over-Year

"The guys at Firesnap have been awesome. From the initial meeting through website prep and program launch, smooth is the best word to describe their process. Firesnap almost always has solutions at their fingertips and their responsiveness to our requests are always timely, creative, and aligned with how to put our best foot forward."

Geoffrey Wildman
Global Marketing Manager | Pulse Electronics Power BU

Pulse Electronics Power BU's Challenges

Pulse Electronics Corporation has a rich history as an international manufacturer of electronics. In 2014, the corporation made a transition from a public company (PULS) to a private company split into 7 independent business units. Though the internal details of this change had already been ironed out, there was still the question of how each individual business unit would choose to tackle the issue of customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Geoffrey Wildman, Global Marketing Manager for Pulse Electronics Power BU, sought to take a more progressive (and almost exclusively digital) approach to solving the newly presented challenges of revenue growth for his BU.

The primary challenges included:

  • Outdated corporate website with limited capabilities
  • Little to no website traffic or new business from online sources
  • Lack of digital processes to engage/retain engineers, reps and distributors
  • No online strategies to reinforce offline business goals
  • Disparate product data was not suited for optimal web use


Firesnap's Process

After consulting with Geoffrey and the Pulse Electronics Power BU sales team, it was decided that an inbound marketing strategy incorporating HubSpot marketing automation software, website re-design, minor re-branding and custom PHP web development would be the best route to solving their challenges.

In order to establish Pulse Electronics Power BU as not only visible, but competitive online, Firesnap engaged in the following:

  • Client Discovery: In order to gain a thorough understanding of how to go about solving the challenges, Firesnap engaged in Client Surveys, Asset Gathering, Keyword Research, Buyer Persona Research/Development, Buyer's Journey Mapping & Online Analysis of their top 3 competitors.
  • Foundation & Strategy Development: Once the required data was gathered, it was time to organize it into actionable strategies and game plans, including Branding Style Guide, Content Guidelines, Content Mapping, Content Calendar Creation, Website & On-Page SEO Strategy, Lead Scoring and Positioning.
  • Software Implementation & Integration: In order to execute on the Pulse Power BUs newly created digital strategies, Firesnap implemented marketing software that included the HubSpot Automation Platform with customized and integrated contact, email, social media and reporting capabilities. We also added hosting and CMS capabilities to centralize management of most digital marketing activities and analytics.
  • Website Design & Custom PHP/MySQL Development: After the tools were implemented, Firesnap began building out a newly designed website for Pulse Power BU, including a completely revamped site navigation, images, on-page SEO, etc. Also required was a separate domain and hosting provider in order for Firesnap to build a custom Product finder tool utilizing PHP and custom MySQL product database -- quickly allowing engineers and reps to quickly access and take action on any product they select.
  • Execution, Measurement & Optimization: Once the website and custom product finder were live and the strategy and planning docs were complete, Firesnap moved into the execution and optimization phase of Pulse Power BUs inbound marketing program. This included all marketing strategies related to brand awareness, traffic generation, lead generation, analytics and performance reporting.


The Results


Firesnap's goal was to exceed Pulse Power BU's expectations by delivering capabilities and performance that would not just surpass their main competitors, but be considered the best in the industry. And while the website design, custom database and product finder development took several months to complete due to their size and complexity, the results have been absolutely worth it...

New Capabilities:

  • Pulse Electronics Power BU has one of the first responsive, mobile-friendly websites and product finder tools in their industry - allowing engineers, representatives and distributors to easily access information on any device.
  • Their new database and mobile-friendly Product Finder tool allows visitors to swiftly access and take action on products, datasheets and more by way of a custom parametric data search and filtering capabilities based upon their desired application or power needs. Once the users find the product they seek, they can compare products, save iterations and take action on the products in the form of quote requests, product support, design support, sample requests and more.
  • Additionally, visitors get this same experience when searching for global distributors, representatives, product cross references, data sheets and stock checks.
  • Their marketing automation platform integrates with all aspects of visitor and customer engagement, from simple automated follow up emails to the visitor upon form submission, to more complex workflows accommodating list segmentation and internal employee notifications. Using dynamic content (sometimes called Real-Time Personalization or RTP), Firesnap was also able to create a personalized website experience for each website visitor based upon their role, geographic location or other info gathered from their "digital footprint".
  • New product launches and updates now incorporate a more orchestrated mix of list segmentation, press releases, targeted personalized emails, supporting articles, social media promotions and calls-to-action on web pages related to the product.

Increased Performance:

  • In their first year after going live with the new website, Pulse Electronics Power BU went from generating a dozen or so website visitors each month to generating over 3,000 monthly visitors and climbing. Over 1,000 of which come from Organic Search.
  • Regarding Google search engine results, Pulse Power BU went from ranking for only a handful of keywords on the first page results (i.e. the top 10 websites displayed), to a dominating 99 product-related keywords in the top 3 results and 149 product-related keywords total in the top 10.
  • Because of this increasing presence in search results, Pulse Power BU realized a 8,627% increase in organic website traffic within the first year after the launch of their re-designed website. This doesn't even include the sharp boost in traffic they also receive from email marketing, referral websites, social media, direct traffic and offline sources (such as importing contacts).
  • All of this organic traffic has also generated an organic contact increase (i.e. visitors submitting online forms) of 900% year-over-year.

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