Managed IT Services Provider Gains 265% ROI from Inbound Marketing & Web Design

Velocity Network Solutions

% ROI from Inbound Marketing & Web Design
% Increase in SQLs from Organic
% Annual Increase in New Customers from Organic
Number of Keywords Ranked on First Page

"Not only did Firesnap help my MSP grow year-over-year in a highly competitive market, I was also able to position Velocity for a successful acquisition by a larger technology company. The results made me a believer in Firesnap's approach, so I decided to join in Firesnap's mission as an investor and partner."

Thaddeus Gerber
Former Velocity Network Solutions CEO | Co-Founder of Firesnap, Inc.

Velocity Network Solution's Challenges

Velocity Network Solutions was in one of the nation's most competitive markets, Los Angeles, where 1,100+ other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT services company's operated within a 25 mile radius. This dense competition, in addition to an outdated website and lack of financial/personnel resources to hire a full in-house marketing team made it difficult for Velocity Network Solutions to scale consistently while maintaining healthy profit margins.

More specifically, Velocity's primary challenges were:

  • Lack of Online Processes to Attract, Nurture & Close Leads
  • Financial & Personnel Constraints Compared to Larger Competitors
  • Sales & Marketing Campaigns were Isolated & Ineffective
  • Outdated Website w/ Limited Functionality
  • No Presence on Search Engines for Relevant Keywords


Firesnap's Process

After consulting with Velocity Network Solutions, it was decided that HubSpot was the best choice for their growth goals, along with a re-designed website and inbound marketing program.

In order to position Velocity as a competitive MSP in the LA market, Firesnap engaged in the following:

  • Persona Development, Competitive Analysis & Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Website Redesign Based on Inbound Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Implementation to Streamline Operations & Lead Nurturing
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment via Unified Taxonomies & Processes
  • Developed KPIs for Performance Measurement
  • Continually Optimized Website & Inbound Program Based on Data


The Results

The results of the inbound marketing and sales program in tandem with the website redesign allowed Velocity Network Solutions to consistently increase revenue (and M&A activity) for 3 years after the program's implementation. Velocity was ultimately acquired by a larger California based competitor in 2014, whereby Thaddeus Gerber chose to invest in Firesnap, partnering with Firesnap's President, Dustin Hall, to help deliver similar results to other technology and managed IT services companies across the United States.

More specific results include:

  • 265% Increase in Marketing ROI
  • 107% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads from Organic Search
  • 88% Increase in New Customers from Organic Search
  • 32 Competitive Keywords Ranked on the First Page of Google

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