San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association

Industry: Public Safety, Associations & Unions

Firesnap Services: Inbound Marketing, Web Design, HubSpot

SAPFFA Local 624 was looking to dramatically improve their online presence and digital communications strategy in order to boost engagement from members and San Antonio citizens. Results from engaging Firesnap include triple digit growth in month-over-month website traffic and new contacts, 200% year-over-year ROI and the nation's first marketing automation program of its kind for police or fire associations.


Pulse Electronics Power BU

Industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Firesnap Services: Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Custom Web Development, HubSpot

Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit was looking to set new standards in online capabilities for engineers, designers and CTOs, in addition to implementing a digital marketing program that was as sophisticated as their global operations. Results from engaging Firesnap include triple digit growth in month-over-month traffic, over one hundred keywords on Google first page search results and one of the electronic manufacturing industry's most sophisticated website experiences.


Velocity Network Solutions

Industry: Technology Consulting & Services

Firesnap Services: Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Inbound Sales, CRM Integration, PPC Management, HubSpot

Velocity Network Solutions was looking to gain traction with their lead generation efforts and SEO performance in the highly competitive market of IT services in Los Angeles, CA and Southern California. Results from engaging Firesnap include first page rankings for the local top competitive keywords, tripling revenue within a 3 year period and successful acquisition by a larger competitor in 2014.

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