This Organic Valley Commercial Totally Nails Integrated, Data-Driven Marketing

by Dustin J. Hall | MIN READ
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The popular cooperative of organic farmers, Organic Valley, recently released a commercial (see below) for their Organic Balance product that did more than just served as a killer example of persona and data-driven marketing. On the surface, any commercial can be classified as "outbound" marketing but Organic Valley chose to mix this traditional and often overly-promotional medium into a well integrated inbound marketing strategy.

Here are two reasons why this company's Organic Balance campaign is borderline genius...

Data as a Buyer-Facing Campaign Asset

Most companies collect market data to ensure their messaging is on target with their buyer surprise there.

But what makes Organic Valley's commercial so great is that they flipped their actual market research surveys from board room strategy to an actual buyer-facing campaign asset!

organicvalley-surveyAt the end of the commercial, you'll see they focus on driving traffic to the website (instead of just promoting the usual company URL or social pages). Once the visitor arrives at this site, they are presented with only a few options -- one of which is an animated anchor CTA "Take Survey".

* Notice this website is actually a landing page that incorporates classic landing page strategies in a stealthy way: limited navigation options, linear and funnel-focused design and even a small incentive for survey completion - a free Organic Balance drink.

The survey itself creates a user experience that almost straddles the fence of gamification and rewards the user with well designed and immediate responses to their actions.

The best part is that Organic Valley doesn't have to derive any themes or details about their personas from triggers or signals (though they certainly still are) because their buyers are telling them directly in each survey taken, "this is me."

This greatly simplifies the idea that data is the real champion of successful marketing strategies, not opinions.

Here are 5 more types of surveys that also contribute to successful marketing.

Data within the Campaign's Message


Again, gathering buyer data for targeted messaging is basic Marketing 101 but crafting it into the actual messaging and value proposition for the product is quite suave.

Sure, there are those companies that utilize data as part of their messaging, including those promoting medications, drugs or medical procedures (hilarious SNL spoofs can be found here). However, combining data with humor in a persona-centric approach is not easy to do, especially if the buyer personas were never solidly formed to begin with.

You can download our free resource on developing buyer personas here: The Complete Guide to Creating Buyer Personas

When looking at the commercial and website, you'll see that statistics gathered from their own buyers is sprinkled generously throughout all mediums.

An Outbound & Inbound Integration Case Study

Organic Valley is basically killing two birds with one stone by creating a cyclical process for both market research and messaging. They're dishing out stats about working women, gathered from working women, then promoted to working women to come back and engage in the survey.

Here's the general flow...

  1. Buyers see commercial or click URL in ad/social/referral site
  2. Buyers visit website
  3. Buyers watch video (reinforcement), get coupons (transactional incentive) or take survey (market research)
  4. Organic Valley collects traffic, customers and survey data
  5. Organic Valley refines personas & adds data back into campaign messaging

I have no doubt this smart integration of both outbound and inbound strategies serves as a great case study for all marketers, regardless of products, services or markets sold.

View the commercial here:


Originally published April 18, 2016. Updated May 5, 2017.