5 Signs Your Content Needs a Revamp

by Thaddeus Gerber | MIN READ

content-marketing-revampYou think you’re doing everything right. 

The last time you wrote this much was probably the month before your finals exams. You’ve got blog posts coming out of your ears.

But if people are finding it more tempting to go and watch the nearest freshly painted wall than look at your site – it’s time to face the Cold Hard Truth:

Your content? Those pearls of wisdom you crafted so assiduously? 

Yeah, well...they stink. Or at least, they probably do. If any of the following signs ring a bell with you – it’s time to give your content marketing strategy a serious revamp.

You’re a less than two-minute wonder.

Can’t even get their attention for a couple measly minutes? Ouch.

No wonder you’re struggling. It’s a sign that you really need to spice your content marketing – otherwise you can kiss your audience relationship goodbye.

Excitement, variety, relevance and value should be the focus, not yawn-worthy drivel.

If you don’t have it already, bite the bullet and install Google Analytics. You’ll see exactly how long people are hanging around – and whether you’re a turn on, or a turn off.

No one has anything to say to you.

Pages and pages of content for months. And hardly any comments?

In case that wasn’t a strong enough hint for you – let me spell it out. You’re boring people! Comments are a great way of seeing how your readers are engaging and responding to you.

No comments? While most comments have dropped in number due to the lack of do-follow links over the last couple years, it can still mean that you are barely ruffling the surface of their attention. 

PS. Sometimes readers need a little encouragement to share their thoughts. So why not ask some pals of yours to get the ball rolling?

You think SEO is your savior.

OK. There was a time in the dark crevices of history that cramming keywords into posts until they practically oozed with them was seen as the number one way to boost your search engine rankings.

Thankfully, those dark days are over.

But a lot of you are still fixated on SEO to magically draw an audience to you.

SEO does have its place – I won’t deny it. But without really good content, it’s almost rendered useless.

So before you start trying to prise in one more keyword into your next post – have a read to see if it actually says anything.

You lack focus.

Here’s where you need to take a step back. Forget about that one amazingly written blog post that was so fantastic it would make Shakespeare weep with joy.

Good content is about more than just a few well-written posts. A blog is not a place for you to vent a stream of consciousness-style random rant. (Unless that’s your thing, in which case – totally OK)

You need to provide a focused sense of direction. Readers are coming to your page to see something that’s relevant to them - they really don’t want to see anything that’s not packaged to answer their concerns.

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You’re thinking – “Hey! My content’s okay.”

If you’ve read through this list – wondering why your content is not doing anything for you – but still believe it’s “OK” – you need a reality check.

If your content is not doing anything for you, it’s not “OK”. OK doesn’t even cut it, or come anywhere near.

So take the plunge. OK? We don’t mess around with mediocrity round these parts.

What about you? Has your content left you feeling like you’re washed up – or are you excited to see how the world responds to your next post? 

Let us know!

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Originally published December 29, 2014. Updated May 5, 2017.