How Content Marketing Creates Lower Cost-Per-Lead

by Thaddeus Gerber | 3 MIN READ

content marketing cost per lead

Admit it. No one really likes the cold, hard drudgery of outbound marketing.

Spending forever trying to chat up people at trade shows, spending a ton on print ads...repeating the same message over and over again in the hope that someone would listen.

And cold calling? Let’s just not go there.

Content marketing, though. That’s a whole different story. It’s changing the face of marketing and how businesses grow.

And one of its most dramatic perks? It can slash down your cost-per-lead like nothing else.

Here’s how...

More leads into your marketing funnel

content marketing statSurveys of businesses last year revealed that those using inbound marketing techniques got to enjoy a whopping 54% more leads in the funnel than those stuck with traditional tactics.

Creating engaging and relevant content through a variety of different methods, like ebooks, infographics, slideshows and blog posts.

These are great ways of helping the right audience find you – by helping customers find a solution that really speaks to what they’re interested in.

And more happy people finding you – means more toasty leads!

Better ROI (seriously)

content-marketing-roiWhen you cut out the effort of constantly trying to push your message on others, what are you left with?

People who are actually interested in what you do.

That’s what makes content marketing so sweet. Your content is tailor made for those who want to know all about you and what you can offer them, resulting in more qualified prospects.

That means less wasted energy, and more positive ROI.

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Earn people’s trust

A huge disadvantage of trying to force yourself down someone’s throat is that, well – it can be slightly off-putting. Ya know...just a bit.

Instead, content marketing lets you focus on creating awesome content that’s actually relevant to people’s interests.

And by doing that, you’re naturally going to win people’s trust – by showing people that you’re a reliable source of relevant and useful information.

So it’s a no-brainer that cost-per-lead numbers are going to come down, when leads are being driven by content marketing.

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Content marketing is not a quick fix, but it is a great one

For all the pros of inbound and content marketing, there’s one important thing you need to note: It’s not a quick fix.

It’s not a “channel” that you pay lip service to. It’s not a technology you can plug into and maybe use once or twice, and expect great results out of the other end.

It’s a long-term strategy, one that takes effort, dedication and persistence in order to get the pay off.

It’s about constantly staying on top of lead generation metrics and tracking what happens, keeping your marketing practices fresh and above all, staying true to what your audience is looking for.

Do that, and the rewards are pretty stellar.

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Originally published December 15, 2014. Updated November 28, 2017.