Firesnap Welcomes Chad Carpenter to the Team

by Firesnap, Inc. | 3 MIN READ
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We're absolutely thrilled to welcome the newest addition to the Firesnap team, Chad Carpenter!

We've been growing pretty quickly 'round these parts, so bringing on talented people has been one of our top priorities.

With an MBA in Marketing and over 10 years of digital marketing and campaign development experience with startups to Fortune 500 companies, Chad is definitely one of those super talented people!

Learn more about Chad below.

Position at Firesnap: Inbound Marketing Advisor
Location: Houston, TX

Expertise and background

I'm primarily a marketing and business strategist.

Prior to joining Firesnap, I implemented campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, radio and newspaper entities and startups. A majority of those campaigns were centered on business development, incorporating market analysis, cross channel marketing campaigns, social media marketing, event production and sponsorships, art direction and collateral development, email automation marketing, CRM and marketing technology management.

What are your activities outside of work?

  • Reading - I tend to have 3-4 books going at a time. Definitely a fiction, perhaps a biography or auto-biography, a marketing related subject, and I like psychology/self-help books, too (sometimes for me, but often to try and understand the world better).
  • Movies - Pretty much the full spectrum--art/independents, thrillers, super hero, rom coms, historical--I love movies and film.
  • Work Out - I like lifting and finding new ways to do cardio. I used to only run for cardio, but have enjoyed discovering new ways. Yoga is not my friend.
  • I'm a Foodie - I like exploring new places to eat as well as learning new things to try out at home. I enjoy cooking but am more intermediate right now.
  • Writing - I always like to write short stories and have a novel I have been working on for years (as well as toying with a play). It's part of why I love inbound so much, too!
  • Traveling - I haven't done it enough over the last 3 years, but I like seeing as much as possible, and how other cultures live.

Any interesting facts about you?

I am a direct descendant of John & Priscilla Alden from the Mayflower (and also a member of the American Mayflower Society, which is only for proven direct descendants).

When I write fictional stories, I see the story in color in my head. When I write non-fiction, it is in black & white, like an old film in my head.

I have been robbed at gunpoint in my the Taco Bell drive thru lane. No injuries, just didn't want my end to come in a Taco Bell drive thru. Seriously.

Certain miniatures kind of bug me/freak me out. Like miniature Tabasco bottles or miniature Oreos. I just don't completely understand it and often wonder what the factories look like that produce them...but mostly it comes together when I go to someone's home or office and they collect them. That is the perfect storm.

Power Animal?

Definitely a fox. A red one with a bushy tail.

Long Term Goals?

Professionally, I want to be a part of building a great company (which is why I joined Firesnap) and have a role within the leadership team where I continue to build groups of teams that focus on the content strategy, operations, and creative for Firesnap's clientele.

Personally, I'd like to take my fitness to the next level starting with a few 10k's and working my way up to triathlons and marathons. I'd also like to learn Spanish and take my niece on her first trip to NYC to expose her to the artistic energy there.

Connect with Chad: connect on twitter connect on linkedin

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Originally published October 24, 2015. Updated November 21, 2017.