Firesnap Partners with Sales Enablement Platform, PandaDoc

by Firesnap, Inc.


It may come as a surprise that for a digital marketing agency, we're unusually enamored with sales metrics and processes. Perhaps this is because many of our team members have actually worked as sales reps in the past, or maybe it's because we know sales teams are the other half of the tasty business growth pie. Either way, what we do know is that helping sales teams kick ass at closing deals is just as much fun as helping companies generate leads.

And just like our marketing efforts, we're always on the hunt for tools that can positively impact our client's sales enablement strategies and close ratios (as opposed to just being flashy, budget draining software). This is exactly why we've chosen to partner with one of the world's leading document management and sales enablement platforms, PandaDoc.

"Businesses focused on consistent growth must have a process for taking leads to close, repurposing marketing assets to help sales teams provide value during all stages of the sales cycle. Firesnap understands what it means to build this process successfully. We're delighted to welcome them as a PandaDoc Partner."
jared-fuller-pandadoc Jared Fuller
Head of Partnerships

Learn more about our partnership and what this means to our current and future clients below.

Why Firesnap Partnered with PandaDoc

Not long after we started this agency did we discover that boosting traffic and leads did not always equate to boosted revenue. What the hell does that happen?! There were two primary issues behind this phenomena...

  1. Sales teams were accustomed to only working leads that were in the bottom of the funnel "buy" stage and NOT the top and mid-funnel leads...ultimately acting as an anchor on revenue generation and ROI performance.
  2. Sales teams were not equipped with the right tools to manage these leads and optimize their time in production.

The first issue we solved by developing proven inbound sales strategies and services to compliment our inbound marketing programs. More leads were able to be nurtured along into customers without experiencing unnecessary friction in the sales process.

The second issue we solved with PandaDoc.

We began using PandaDoc since it's early days as a possible solution for clients in the future, testing its ability to simplify our own sales process and provide insight into metrics that could help us improve the experience companies had with us proir to becoming clients. PandaDoc passed with flying colors! Having proven its efficacy, Firesnap finalized certification and partnership with PandaDoc -- now offering implementation, integration and sales asset building services to companies who work with us.

What PandaDoc Partnership Means for Our Clients

The short answer (for you impatient readers out there), is that the PandaDoc/Firesnap partnership means more sales productivity and less lost revenue.

PandaDoc Provides:

  • Contract Management
  • Sales Proposals
  • Quoting Software
  • Electronic Signatures (yes, legally binding)
  • HR Documents

Services Firesnap Provides Utilizing PandaDoc:

  • PandaDoc Implementation & Portal Setup
  • PandaDoc Integration (HubSpot, CRM and others)
  • Template Design (sales, HR, financial and other documents)
  • Content Library Management
  • Product & Service Catalog Management
  • Workflow Management

We. Love. Sales Enablement.

At the end of the day, we are more than just a marketing agency...we're business growth fanatics. We love creating an environment of growth where marketing and sales teams dish out high fives and hugs instead of blame and passive-aggressive sticky notes.

Helping sales teams capitalize on the leads we generate for them warms our nerdy little hearts.

Our partnership with PandaDoc is another way we're making that happen.

pandadoc-firesnap-partnerAbout PandaDoc:
PandaDoc empowers businesses and individuals to lead paperless, productive work lives. We help you build beautiful, effective, and modern documents so that you can keep your clients (and yourself) happy. We want you to focus on being great at what you do, not font sizes and margins. Learn more about PandaDoc here >