Firesnap Partners with Conversion Rate Optimization Platform, BrightInfo

by Firesnap, Inc.


As any business engaging in content marketing will tell you, it can pay off in spades but comes at the price of continuous hard work.

At Firesnap, we know this all too well which is why we're always seeking out new strategies and technologies that can provide worthwhile leverage. So, in a big push to help our clients continually increase ROI from their content marketing efforts, we've partnered with leading conversion rate optimization platform provider, BrightInfo.

"We are proud to work with the seasoned team at Firesnap. We share the inbound vision of enabling businesses of all sizes to grow faster by better engaging their anonymous site traffic."


Boaz Grinvald
Founder & CEO

Learn more about why we've chosen to partner with them and what it means to our clients below.

Why Firesnap has Partnered with BrightInfo

In the world of digital marketing, few things are more important than driving traffic and conversions. However, achieving this requires a LOT of work which is why we're always researching new technologies and methods to gain leverage.

After working with BrightInfo ourselves to test out the platform (we always test everything ourselves before recommending to clients), we quickly realized the valuable role it could play within our current suite of marketing services.

This made partnership with BrightInfo a very natural progression for us.

What this Partnership Means to Our Clients

The only reason Firesnap forms partnerships with other vendors is to expand capabilities and performance for our clients.

Our partnership with BrightInfo does exactly that for one very important reason...

The platform provides a layer of visitor/content intelligence that isn't easily obtained using other SaaS tools. Since it profiles website visitors and analyzes website content in real time, it can tailor overlays for recommended content that are much more relevant and likely to convert. It then presents our team with data that we can use to improve content, SEO and web design strategies for our clients.

We're Huge Fans of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It's no secret that we LOVE marketing and sales technology, but that doesn't every one of the several thousand solutions out there are a good fit for our clients. BrightInfo, however, has almost ubiquitous value for each of the companies we work with.

Why? Because anytime you can positively impact conversion rates while also gain data that helps answer the "why," you've got yourself a universally applicable tool to dominate the content marketing game.

...and we're HUGE fans of content and conversion domination!

About BrightInfo:
firesnap-brightinfoBrightInfo is the only HubSpot connect partner helping businesses to grow online engagement and conversions with real-time automated personalization. BrightInfo's customer base includes hundreds of companies around the globe, from SMBs to Fortune 100 brands such as Cisco, Microsoft, Haymarket, Morningstar, and others. To learn more, visit