Firesnap Partners with Systems Integration Platform, Bedrock Data

by Firesnap, Inc. | 5 MIN READ
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As an agency that specializes the alignment of marketing and sales, staying on top of the latest software integrations is a typical part of our day-to-day job (which we love...a lot).

We're also huge fans of platforms that prioritize UX and efficiency over fancy, flashy nonsense.

With that said, we're proud to add another amazing software company to our well-vetted list of partners - systems integration platform, Bedrock Data.

Here's a bit more about why we've chosen to partner with them and what it means to our clients.

"The team at Firesnap has a great appreciation for the importance of technology in the sales and marketing process, a factor that we believe sets them apart from other traditional digital marketing agencies. Firesnap fully understands the impact data driven sales and marketing integrations can have on overall business efficiency and productivity. For Bedrock Data, they are the ideal partner and we are excited to work with Firesnap to help their clients get more out of their technology by integrating crucial marketing data into all facets of their business."

Andrew Emmons

Andrew Emmons
Head of Business Development
Bedrock Data


Why Firesnap partnered with Bedrock Data

The primary reason Firesnap chose to partner with Bedrock Data is out of convenience to our clients.

Bedrock Data's integration platform helps streamline what can easily become a nightmare in custom integration. If you've ever gone through a custom software integrations project, you know exactly what we're talking about. Integrations deal with a lot of various technical factors, such as APIs, contact records, objects, etc. Connecting two entirely different systems together means they must "talk" to each other, which can become a huge pain in the ass when they're speaking different languages.

Firesnap's marketing and technical expertise combined with Bedrock Data's capabilities allows us to exponentially decrease the time, effort and expenses traditionally associated with these system integrations.

Shortened time lines and reduced expenses are something our team and our client can all agree on!

Simplicity wins...always.

What this partnership means to our clients

Aside from what we've mentioned above, this partnership means that our clients have more technology options available to them. When implementations are less time consuming and less expensive, it allows our clients to do more with their existing budgets.

For example, we recently leveraged Bedrock Data in a recent Zoho CRM & HubSpot integration we created for a client. Our goal was to grant our client much more insight into the performance of their marketing and sales processes, in addition to allowing them to segment target audiences based upon this sales data...all while having both systems reflect the same real-time contact data to both the sales and marketing teams. The project was a success, creating more aligned and transparent marketing & sales processes.

We love integrations as much as hugs & coffee

While the marketing and sales side of Firesnap loves to drive traffic, leads and revenue for our clients -- the business side of Firesnap is always seeking to create smarter, leaner solutions that create a broader business value as well.

We feel our partnership with Bedrock Data helps us accomplish both and is yet another logical step in consistently improving the methods and speed in which we help our clients grow.

bedrock data

Bedrock Data is an integration platform that enables users to bi-directionally sync data between various CRM, marketing automation, event, support, e-commerce, and finance systems. By allowing users to leverage various data sets between core business systems, Bedrock Data helps it's customers get the most of their business systems while increasing company wide efficiency and productivity.

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Originally published November 4, 2015. Updated November 21, 2017.