Does HubSpot Marketing Automation Automatically Create Sales?

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Accepting that traditional advertising methods need to be revamped, businesses are hearing about HubSpot and this thing called marketing automation. There's no arguing that many businesses are finding this a workable solution for inbound sales, yet does HubSpot marketing automation automatically create sales?

The simplicity of cloud-based solutions is appealing and rightly so, yet can we be honest and say the transition is a little overwhelming for some? Truth is, not every business is an expert in software applications and how to successfully integrate them with their native systems. Although most can admit there's a need for improvement with their marketing and overall business processes, this doesn't mean knowing which direction to go is easy. 

HubSpot is a Dynamic Marketing Automation Tool

Truth is marketing automation is not automatically going to create inbound sales with a growing customer base, although it does make the process easier. Marketing functions like: email, posting to social sites, and website actions can be automated, yet this doesn't solve how to find viable leads and then how to nurture them into loyal customers.

Although the glimmering wonderfulness of such a powerful, feature-rich software does allure prospective businesses with hopes of push-button success, in reality it's not this easy. This isn't to say HubSpot is anything less than the best marketing automation software available, because it is, yet it does mean taking advantage of it requires innovation and expertise.

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Innovation and Expertise in People Solutions

While cloud-based solutions continue to transform the business landscape, remember people are behind the innovation making them work. Not every company is the same, because real-life people are what make up a company in the first place. And not everyone is an expert in software applications, but the good news is: they don't have to be.

A successful leader knows where and when delegation is needed, and understands the capabilities of themselves and the people around them. And although an in-house expertise can be gained with HubSpot, allocating the time and resources isn't always a viable solution.

Finding people solutions in addition to marketing automation solutions, are the ingredients for success. Yes, HubSpot is an amazing software, but knowing how to integrate it with native systems and use it to its maximum effectiveness: takes innovative people solutions. Basically, it's smart business to know when you need someone's help, to guide and help you leverage such a powerful software solution.

Getting Questions Answered and Filling in the Gaps

In this cloud transformation age, businesses are learning along the way. Inevitably, questions arise that act as a roadblock to progress. The answers needed come from people with expertise in those unfamiliar areas, so this journey is truly a collaborative effort. Cloud solutions are creating innovative platforms for businesses to use, while businesses adapt with the help of experts along the way.

A digital marketing agency acts as this expert liaison, helping businesses get the answers they need and filling in the gaps of their understanding. You could think of this process like a bridge, which facilitates a smooth flow of progress. These agencies provide the expertise needed for businesses to confidently transition their marketing and other business processes to the cloud.

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency With Expertise Using HubSpot

Now the final stage of the delegation begins. Your business is excited about using HubSpot (for good reasons), and now wants to make the transition fully. At this critical point the questions begin to come, and this is when Firesnap becomes the answer for businesses. Firesnap is a Gold Certified Partner with HubSpot, and can help your business with:

  • HubSpot Implementation

  • HubSpot and CRM Integration

  • HubSpot Management

  • HubSpot Training

Basically, businesses will gain an expert in HubSpot as a dedicated partner, helping them leverage the potential of this powerful end-to-end management and automation software.


The potential ROI increase from marketing automation is significant, but doesn't come automatically with HubSpot. Delegating the implementation and management of this powerful tool to a proven digital marketing agency like Firesnap, will ensure a smooth transition and in the end an acceleration of sales performance.

Firesnap is the innovative people solution, which businesses will find invaluable in leveraging the potential from HubSpot. We're certified experts in this powerful software, and are committed to helping our clients in using and understanding it in all aspects.

Our rooted belief is that business-to-business is really just people-to-people, and to speak to your people, you need to define who they are, where they go for information and what they need. Get started by utilizing our free Guide to Creating Buyer Personas, including step by step worksheets.

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Originally published April 22, 2016. Updated June 7, 2016.