The Role of CRM Integration in Successful Customer Engagement [Slides]

by Dustin J. Hall | 5 MIN READ
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Last November, I spoke at the SoCal Business Marketing Association's (SoCal BMA) Annual Regional Conference on the topic of CRM integration within post-sale customer engagement. It's a topic I feel strongly about as most marketing leaders are finding software integration skills to be a pre-requisite to any agile or measurable digital marketing program.

Here's the slide deck from that presentation, along with some key takeaways on what common CRM and marketing automation integrations look like (i.e. HubSpot CRM integration), successful use cases, where to research CRM solutions and a few other goodies. Enjoy!

P.S. If you're new to CRM tools, this presentation goes well with our handy Beginner's Guide to CRM Software.

Key Takeaways from the Presentation:

  • Customers now expect more frequent and simplified forms of communications across multiple channels.
  • Marketers are utilizing more SaaS technology to accommodate customer expectations.
  • The MarTech landscape has grown rapidly in 2016, with 161 marketing automation tools & 117 CRM tools.
  • The explosion of marketing software has increased complexity and disparity in finding integration options.
  • 3 common CRM integration architectures:
    • Direct API Integration
    • 3rd party platform Integration
    • Native Integration
  • Popular use cases for successful customer engagement utilizing CRM integration include:
    • Customer Onboarding & Initiation
    • Customer Research
    • Customer Up-Selling & Cross-Selling
    • Customer Social Engagement
    • Customer Value Scoring
  • Tips for successful CRM and marketing automation integration:
    • Always start simple & don't over-engineer.
    • Include IT infrastructure within the integration plan.
    • Create strict divisions of labor & don't overlap workflows.
    • Reduce burden on 3rd party integration tools to avoid failures.
    • Create a unified taxonomy across marketing & sales teams.
  • The future of marketing technology (open discussion), includes increased utilization of machine learning, the "consumerization" of marketing & sales SaaS tools and more SaaS platforms expanding capabilities to accommodate native integration.
  • Where to gain objective software insight from other marketing & sales leaders: G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, SimilarTech, Software Advice, Capterra and GetApp.

Download the Beginner's Guide to CRM Software

Originally published December 14, 2016. Updated November 10, 2017.