Content Marketing Lessons from 4 Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

by Dustin J. Hall | 5 MIN READ
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A successful Kickstarter campaign requires you to have a good product. However, there is no shortage of good ideas on Kickstarter. So, why do some campaigns wildly exceed their funding goals while others struggle to get backers?

The difference lies in their ability to leverage great content.

The greatest Kickstarter successes almost always have a fantastic content marketing strategy. Let's take a look at some of the most popular campaigns and the content strategies they used.


content-marketing-kickstarterIAMMAI touts itself as "the coolest workout shirt you will ever own". In the incredibly competitive athletic apparel industry, IAMMAI took an innovative approach to promotion. What did they do? Well, it's simple - they partnered with other brands.

One of the major partnerships they established was with Charity Miles, which is an organization that donates money to charity by encouraging people to walk, bike or run. This partnership was a perfect fit for IAMMAI, which is a self-cooling workout shirt. On IAMMAI's Twitter page, you will find many messages posted by individuals and other organizations they have partnered with.

The Lesson

Involve others in your marketing and give them a reason to root for you. Talk to influential people in your market and give them a reason to promote your content. Become a part of communities and special interest groups that involve members of your target audience. They will be happy to promote your product if it benefits their specific needs.

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Coolest Cooler

kickstart-content-marketingThe Coolest Cooler was the most-funded Kickstarter campaign of its time. Ryan Grepper, who created the product, has been very forthcoming about the lessons he learned from the failure of the first campaign he ran for the same product. He tried to promote his content too aggressively on Facebook and Twitter by using promotions and ad campaigns.

The second time around, he targeted smaller niche blogs with personalized messages asking them to share his message. The rest is history.

The Lesson

Start small and build up your target audience. Look for small blogs in your market and offer to guest post for them. Once you've been featured on one of the smaller blogs, approach a slightly larger one. Repeat this process until you've reached your target.


kickstarter-contentNoke is a Bluetooth padlock whose founders showed the power of building hype around your product. The team behind Noke already had a few successful product launches under their belt. They knew how to get users excited about a product.

Several weeks before the product launch, the team started sharing features and teasers for the finished product on their Facebook page. Each feature and photo the team added built up the buzz around their product. By the time the product launch came around, their Facebook followers were salivating at the prospect of buying the Noke.

The Lesson

Start cultivating your audience well in advance of your product launch. Attract users by regularly posting creative content. Use popular hashtags on social media platforms that allow them to get your message to the public. If you have an audience that looks forward to each piece of content you publish, you will have a large group of people who will be ready to buy when you release a product or a service.

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kickstarter-marketingThe memobottle is a stylish bottle that is shaped to fit snugly into your laptop bag or tablet case. If you visit their Kickstarter page, the first thing you will notice is the gorgeous product photography. The success of the memobottle is a testament to the power of compelling images in your content.

The Lesson

Great photos can make a huge difference when it comes to the number of people that engage with your content. If you are selling a product on your website, make sure all of your photos are world-class. If you have to spend a little extra to hire a professional, so be it. If you don't have the big bucks to pay an established photographer, visit freelancing websites to find promising newcomers. There are plenty of talented photographers you can find on Fiverr and other websites like it.

A Simple Lesson in Content

Content marketing is crucial to successful online presence and revenue growth.

Everything from your articles, videos, photos and even your tweets need to be creative, engaging and entertaining. You can start by using the lessons we all learned from these Kickstarter campaigns to improve the quality of your content.


Originally published October 20, 2014. Updated November 28, 2017.