5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

by Firesnap, Inc. | MIN READ

email-marketingIn the digital, mobile-friendly world of advertising, it's easy to forget the reliable workhorse that is email marketing. Email has been around since the days of the Internet's youth, and email marketing remains a powerful tool for companies looking to reach out to an audience. However, if you're going to use email marketing as part of your overall marketing plan, then it's important to avoid these major mistakes.

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Can Sink Your Strategy

Mistake #1: Sending Email People Didn't Ask For

There is no bigger faux pas when it comes to email marketing than sending your messages to people who didn't voluntarily give you their email address. Receiving a message you didn't ask for, and don't want, will not engender positive reactions from your potential audience. In order for your email marketing to work, you need to convince people to voluntarily sign up for your email list. Offering them discounts, free stuff, or calling it part of a VIP package are all great ways to get your customers and potential customers to put their information into your database. More importantly, it gets them to read your email instead of just marking it as spam and leaving it unopened.

Mistake #2: Mysterious "Subject" and "From" Lines

Don't be coy when you're sending out email marketing. You want it to be clear at a glance what's contained in the message, and who it's from. If you start getting clever by saying it's a message "From Your Secret Admirer" and changing your email address to something unfamiliar, you're more likely to irritate your followers than you are to intrigue them. So don't try to slip something past the people you're emailing; be loud, proud, and clear about what it is that just turned up in their inboxes.

Mistake #3: Using A "One-Size-Fits-All" Style of Marketing

Unless you really are creating a product that is meant to suit everyone, it's a good idea to tailor your email marketing to fit individual segments of your audience. A good metaphor, used by Inc., is that if you were a department store you wouldn't immediately direct a male customer to women's beauty. If you craft an email that's very clearly meant to appeal to one segment of your total audience, though, then that's what you'll end up doing. If possible, try to get more information out of your audience, like interests, so you can create several broad, but still tailored, messages for your list.

Mistake #4: Starting Your Email Marketing Without A Clear Goal

A marketing campaign should come with a clear finish line. You are setting out to accomplish something specific, and if you don't know what that goal is, it will show up in the newsletters and messages you send out. Before you start crafting your first email release, or even start collecting addresses to add to your list, make sure you have a clear goal you're trying to achieve. Otherwise it's like starting a speech without being sure what the points you're trying to make are.

Mistake #5: Ignoring Customer Feedback

You need to listen to the people you're marketing to if you expect to improve your platform. As such, don't be afraid to ask them about their experience. This is particularly important for people who unsubscribe from your email list, because you need to know why they're leaving in order to know if it's just that customer, or something you're doing that has a pattern. Once you have your feedback, and you know why people are opting out of your marketing, you can alter it to make sure that stops happening.

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Originally published April 29, 2016. Updated June 7, 2016.