3 Buyer Persona Tools Every Inbound Marketer Should Know About

by Dustin J. Hall | 4 MIN READ

buyer persona tools

Are you tasked with creating buyer personas for your company?

Understanding buyer habits, interests and behaviors is core driver of a successful inbound marketing program.

Thanks to entrepreneurs within the marketing sector, there are a growing number of buyer persona tools at your disposal.

Review the following roundup to discover handy tools you can add to your resource list.


HubSpot buyer personaHubSpot's MakeMyPersona tool offers a simple buyer persona tool for inbound marketing professionals.

This tool tool helps you customize everything from your buyer's name and occupation to their company hierarchy and purchasing power.

Use Hubspot's wonderful wizard to develop detailed personas for your sales, marketing, and social media team.


personapp buyer personasPersonapp lets you create buyer personas for free.

Customize your creations with details like customer behaviors, demographic specifics, and long-term buying goals.

Much like HubSpot's persona tool within their marketing platform, you can even add avatars to your personas to help your team identify with potential customers.


streamlyzer buyer personasStreamlyzer lets you aggregate buyer details by helping you understand the behaviors of your company's live streaming audience.

Uncover everything from the social engagements of prospective buyers to their location and video streaming preferences.

Using audience analytics platforms like Streamlyzer is an excellent way to use real-time data to power your buyer persona creation efforts.

Buyer Knowledge = Selling Power

Using an in-depth buyer persona tool is a terrific way to help conceptualize potential customers and clients.

The better a markter or sales rep is able to identify with a customer, the greater their chances are of converting a lead into a revenue-generating sale.

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Originally published June 11, 2015. Updated November 20, 2017.