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We're not your typical digital marketing agency

There's certainly no shortage of digital marketing agencies out there - many of which can handle typical services like email marketing, graphic design, social media, SEO, etc. We perform these services too—but they're only pieces of several larger, interdependent functions that drive tangible business growth.

We specialize in unifying and optimizing all of these traditionally isolated functions into a single, cohesive engine that's built for one specific purpose: consistent growth.

"The guys at Firesnap have been awesome. From the initial meeting through website prep and program launch, smooth is the best word to describe their process."

Geoffrey Wildman
Global Marketing Manager
Pulse Electronics Power BU

Digital Marketing Services

From inbound marketing to web design to sales enablement, we've got the experience and tools you need to get growing.

Inbound Marketing

Our inbound marketing programs include a savvy mix of content marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing and automation to attract and close more customers. We even offer PPC management and direct mail services.


Web Design

A beautiful website is one thing, but one that functions as your 24x7 sales rep is something else entirely. We provide web design and web development services that are pleasing to the eye and the sales funnel.


Inbound Sales

Our inbound sales services help companies optimize their sales funnel and boost sales team productivity by aligning sales and marketing processes, integrating sales enablement tools and creating high-value sales assets.


HubSpot Services

As a HubSpot Gold Certified Partner Agency, we know exactly how to use HubSpot to run killer marketing programs, unify marketing and sales, and measure the right data to consistently grow your business.

Firesnap Digital Marketing Agency F.A.Q.

Common questions and answers related to our agency and the services we provide.

What problems does Firesnap solve for companies like mine?

We help companies that are having trouble with many aspects of their marketing, design, sales or overall growth initiatives, including...

  • Trouble developing a research and data-based digital marketing strategy.
  • Trouble understanding which marketing methods & technologies to implement.
  • Trouble keeping up with marketing activity due to limited in-house resources.
  • Trouble staying up-to-date on changing trends within the digital landscape.
  • Trouble measuring performance & ROI of marketing and sales efforts.
  • Trouble aligning sales & marketing operations and communications.
  • Trouble generating leads from existing web traffic.
  • Trouble generating more qualified leads.
  • Trouble turning leads into customers.
  • Trouble getting with visibility and rankings on search engines.


What makes Firesnap different from other digital marketing agencies?

Ask our clients what makes Firesnap different from other digital marketing and design agencies and you'll likely get several different answers. However, data from our client satisfaction surveys show the following 4 items tend to be the biggest differentiators between us and "the other guys."

  • Proven Success in Complex & Technical Industries.
    Firesnap’s owners used to run an IT services company that was successfully scaled using inbound marketing & automation, and later acquired. Many of the companies Firesnap and the owner’s previous IT company specialized in were within highly technical B2B industries that required unique expertise and methods for driving productivity, leads and revenue growth.

  • Superior Strategy, Program & Pricing Methodology.
    We utilize a modified version of the Scrum-Agile framework to help our clients squeeze more capabilities and performance out of their marketing budget. This is done using our proprietary point system (FirePath), which allows greater flexibility and agility in responding to current data with highly-targeted marketing strategies and activities.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Transparency.
    We provide clients 24/7 access to the same software we use to manage their program and projects, giving them complete into what we’re doing at any given time. We also provide clients with monthly performance reports & project task reports that clearly display how our efforts contribute to industry & business benchmarks. No ambiguity.

  • Plain English Engagement.
    We approach marketing from a tactical, business-first standpoint without the unnecessary jargon agencies often use.


How can I tell if Firesnap is a fit for my company?

We love exploring new opportunities and industries in which we can apply our expertise...but we also understand that we're not a fit for every company out there. To help shed light on how we might be a fit for your company (or not), here are some common traits our clients share, along with a few traits of companies we typically don't fit well with.

6 Traits Firesnap Clients Share

  • Dedicated Sales Team
  • Internal Marketing Manager/Director/VP/Coordinator
  • Adequate and Flexible Budget
  • Willingness to Dedicate Internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Commitment to Inbound Methodology or Educational Approach
  • High Client Lifetime Value (LTV)

Traits of Companies Firesnap is NOT a Fit For

  • Early-Stage Start-Ups (Seed, Series A, Series B)
  • Companies with no internal sales resources
  • Resellers & Retailers

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